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Version: Zig 0.12.0

Bit Aligned Pointers

Similar to aligned pointers, bit-aligned pointers have extra information in their type, which informs how to access the data. These are necessary when the data is not byte-aligned. Bit alignment information is often needed to address fields inside of packed structs.

test "bit aligned pointers" {
var x = MovementState{
.running = false,
.crouching = false,
.jumping = false,
.in_air = false,

const running = &x.running;
running.* = true;

const crouching = &x.crouching;
crouching.* = true;

try expect(@TypeOf(running) == *align(1:0:1) bool);
try expect(@TypeOf(crouching) == *align(1:1:1) bool);

try expect(@import("std").meta.eql(x, .{
.running = true,
.crouching = true,
.jumping = false,
.in_air = false,