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Version: Zig 0.12.0


The std.ArrayList is commonly used throughout Zig, and serves as a buffer that can change in size. std.ArrayList(T) is similar to C++'s std::vector<T> and Rust's Vec<T>. The deinit() method frees all of the ArrayList's memory. The memory can be read from and written to via its slice field - .items.

Here we will introduce the usage of the testing allocator. This is a special allocator that only works in tests and can detect memory leaks. In your code, use whatever allocator is appropriate.

const std = @import("std");
const expect = std.testing.expect;

const eql = std.mem.eql;
const ArrayList = std.ArrayList;
const test_allocator = std.testing.allocator;

test "arraylist" {
var list = ArrayList(u8).init(test_allocator);
defer list.deinit();
try list.append('H');
try list.append('e');
try list.append('l');
try list.append('l');
try list.append('o');
try list.appendSlice(" World!");

try expect(eql(u8, list.items, "Hello World!"));